British Car Clubs – Building Bright Futures

Welcome to the page for the British Car Club – Building Bright Futures.

We’re glad that you’re thinking of joining us in this crazy idea.

The idea is that on either May 11th or 12th, 2024, thousands of British car owners will start their engines, click their seatbelts and take part in something to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity.

Click here for a pdf with Guidelines for the British Car Clubs – Building Bright Futures

The best way to think about this event is it is like an open road with no guard rails.

Do whatever you like to support Habitat for Humanity.  The only stipulation is that whatever you do, it should happen during the weekend of  May 11/12.

We hope you will take part.

This is the flyer that Habitat of Cape Cod developed for our event. Flyer for CCBCC & Habitat

This is a vinyl cling that CCBCC created to put on our cars during the car show: click here for pdf

Feel free to download and adapt for your event.