Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

We will be regularly adding to this list, so be sure to check back. If you still have questions, email us at contact@bcccc.org

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Web Site Questions
How do I log in to the site?
How do I edit my Profile?

Membership Questions
How much does it cost to join the club?  $40 year / member for January 1 – December 31.  The fee is NOT prorated for mid year registration.  Only members can vote at general meetings or the Annual Meeting.

How do I log in to the site?
You need to be a paid member or currently “lapsed” member to log-in to the site. You need two things, a user name and a password. You enter your user name and password in the upper right portion of the web-site.

User Name: Your user name is your email address that was provided at time of you application. If your address has changed since that time, try logging in with your old address or contact support for assistance. When we rolled out the new site we did receive a number of “bounce-backs” on email addresses we had on file. We have contacted those members via mail. If you did not have an address on file we entered your user name as your first initial, last name, @noemail.com – EX: jsmith@noemail.com. You would have also have received a letter. It is necessary to have a valid email address to be a member and log in to the site and it is we highly recommend for communication purposes.

Password: When we converted over to the new site we sent an email to all members with active email addresses with a link to set a password to the site. We contacted all others via mail. If you have lost that email or forgotten your password you may reset by clicking the Forgot Password link in the log-in section. Please note that you do need a valid email address for this to work.

How do I edit my Profile?

Once you are logged in to the site, you should see your name in the log in section. You may edit your profile by clicking the View Profile link in the log in section, the click edit profile on your profile page.

Click the Edit Profile button to edit any of your membership fields, except your member number. This is where you would also add a profile picture.

Click the Privacy link to control what can be viewed in your “Public” and “Member Only” Directory pages.
Click the Email subscriptions button to manage any “opt-out” of email communications.



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