Classic & Antique Car Insurance in Massachusetts

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Collectors Car Insurance versus Antique Car Insurance in Massachusetts There has been much discussion (and confusion) regarding special reduced rate auto Insurance available for your antique or classic car in Massachusetts and what conditions apply. Massachusetts Auto Insurance Rules & Regulations are the exception to the norm – just view the Collectors Car Insurance features offered at American Collectors Insurance Features and see how many Massachusetts is excluded from; the case is similar for other Specialty Insurance Providers.

As we learn more or receive further clarification from our informed community, we will update this page accordingly. [Send to Paul Hinchcliffe] 17 August 2003

Mass Antique Auto Insurance – what it is – Mass regulated special (‘Insurance’) programs and rates apply ONLY to Liability & Property Damage; there are NO special rates for Comprehensive & Collision.

August 2003 – Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle’s (RMV) General Counsel “clarification” regarding the Use of Antique Motor Cars as presented in Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents, Bulletin #2003-21, August 2003.

Collectors Car Insurance – what is is – offered by Specialty Insurance Providers – rates and coverage for Liability & Property and Comprehensive & Collision vary by provider. Most providers will offer (a) Comprehensive & Collision or (b) Comprehensive & Collision and Liability & Property Damage — BUT will NOT offer strictly Liability & Property Damage.

Survey of CCBCC members who have either Collectors Car Insurance or Mass Antique Auto Insurance – Of the members surveyed in August 2003, 32 responded using either Collectors Car or Mass Antique Auto insurance. For those who have Collectors Car Insurance, the insurance provider is listed and further broken down by whether the insured dealt directly with the Insurance Provider or went through an agency.

Insurance Type Company Direct Via Agency Total

Collectors Car American Collector’s Insurance 2 2
Collectors Car Classic Automobile Agency 1 1 2
Collectors Car Grundy 3 13 16
Collectors Car Hagerty 1 1 2
Collectors Car JC Taylor 1 5 6
Collectors Car American Collector’s Insurance 1 1
Collectors Car other 1 1
Mass Antique Auto Using Mass Regulated Rates 2 2
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Rates – While coverage and deductibles may vary by enthusiast and insurance provider, the following estimated annual premiums were found for insuring a 1951 MG-TD in Massachusetts with similar coverage:
Insurance Liability & Property Damage Comprehensive & Collision Total
Standard Insurance $794 $274 $1068
Mass Antique Auto#1 $222 $274 $ 496
Mass Antique Auto#2 $222 $ 50 $ 272
Collectors Car $100 $ 50 $ 150

Table created by T2T 2.5Mass Antique Auto#1 = Mass Antique Auto rates for Liability & Property Damage and Standard Rates for Comprehensive & Collision.
Mass Antique Auto#2 = Mass Antique Auto rates for Liability & Property Damage and Collectors Car Rates for Comprehensive & Collision.

For Collectors Car Insurance, the decision to use a local agency tends to be based upon local relationships and confidence, the additional fee for the local agency in most cases is in the order of 10% per car annually.

Mass Antique Auto Registration (and Insurance) in Massachusetts – Massachusetts has established special (‘Insurance’) programs and rates for Liability & Property Damage that require the use of Antique Plates (or Year of Manufacture Plates).

The converse is not necessarily true, i.e. registration with antique plates does not necessarily require one participate in the Massachusetts special (‘Insurance’) programs and rates (i.e. Mass Antique Auto Insurance), but does have some restrictions which can be found at Massachusetts RMV Application for an Antique Motor Vehicle Plate or Year of Manufacture Registration Plate

The following statement is cited from the Application for an Antique Motor Vehicle Plate or Year of Manufacture Registration Plate:

An “antique motor car” is any motor vehicle over twenty-five years old which is maintained solely for use in exhibitions, club activities, parades and other functions of public interest (including test drives to prepare for such functions and transportation to and from repair facilities) and which is not used primarily for the transportation of passengers or goods over any way.

In order to qualify for the special (‘Insurance’) programs and rates (i.e. Massachusetts Antique Auto rate for Liability & Property damage only) permitted by Massachusetts Chapter 175, Section 113U, antique cars must, by law, be registered with a plate for which an affidavit (Antique Motor Car Affidavit) accompanies the application for registration.

While registration using Antique or Year of Manufacture plates seems to indicate that one must go with the special (‘Insurance’) programs (i.e. Mass Antique Auto Insurance), this is not necessarily the case. It appears that one can get Antique plates (with the affidavit and restrictions) and elect to use Collectors Car Insurance described below.

Auto Registration with Collectors Car Insurance in Massachusetts – Specialty insurance providers such as Grundy, Hagerty, J.C. Taylor and American Collectors offer a Collectors Car Insurance policy in Massachusetts directly or through various agencies. Because the policies can vary from one insurance provider to another, there can be no general statement made regarding restrictions or requirements.

However, most Collectors Car policies have required: (a) the car be garaged, (b) the car not to be used for work transportation or errands, (c) photos of the car, and (d) an application. Some also have mileage limitations, as well as a “youthful driver exclusion”. Most allow you to specify the value of the car, especially if it’s customized, or in particularly nice condition and allow for occasional pleasure driving. Several such providers are listed below, with a few of their features. Examination of their policy offering in full to determine appropriateness for you and your vehicle is needed. [Note that if one registers the auto in Massachusetts with Antique plates check details above.]

Grundy Collector Car Insurance

Grundy Worldwide’s underwriters can insure almost any collector vehicle you own regardless of year or model. Collector vehicles must be used for show, hobby, and pleasure purposes only. They should be owned in addition to vehicles used for daily transportation for all operators in your household, and can be in excellent original or restored condition.

No Mileage Limitations
This policy authorizes unlimited hobby use of your collector vehicle in collector activities, exhibits and parades. While participating in these events, owners are free to enjoy their collector vehicle without monitoring the odometer.

Hagerty Collector Car Insurance
Flexible usage/mileage
One liability charge* per collection…not per vehicle
Repair shop of your choice

J.C. Taylor Collector & Antique Car Insurance

Eligible vehicles must be used primarily for exhibitions, club activities, parades, or other functions of public interest. An occasional pleasure drive is acceptable.
Vehicles must be kept in a locked, fully enclosed garage when not in use.
Drivers must be 25 years old and have a clean driving record. Each driver in the household should have a daily use vehicle for everyday activity

There is no mileage limit on this policy, however, we do use a limit of 2500 miles per year per vehicle as a reasonable maximum limit in our underwriting process. Additional mileage requests will be considered.

American Collectors Insurance
Flexible usage/mileage – Our policy does not have an “attendance” requirement. Insured vehicles may be driven and enjoyed up to 2500 annual miles, so long as they are not used for general transportation.

Classic Car Insurance Myths debunked. A discussion board by Jill Bookman, a licensed agent and the Director of Marketing for American Collectors Insurance, a leading national specialty provider of collectors car insurance. If you are still confused about what Collectors Car Insurance is – read her column!