Membership Benefits

A person can become a member of the CCBCC anytime during the yearly by completing the membership form under “become a Member” and paying $40.  There are no prorated fees for membership application late in the year.

A member will receive the following benefits:

  • Access to all “Members Only” events such as tech sessions, special events, special tours, etc.
  • Pay member’s rate for events open to the public.  Generally, a non-member fee will be higher.
  • Access to all pages on the website, including opportunity to list an item/car for sale, and Minutes from Directors and Executive Council Meetings.
  • A fully paid subscription to the British Marque – Car Club News, a monthly newspaper containing stories from British car clubs across the country.
  • Voting rights to elect Board Members and Officers
  • Regular emails from the CCBCC about upcoming events (sponsored and other) and news.
  • Access to purchase CCBCC branded clothing and other regalia.
  • Access to a ton of fun and a great group of people who enjoy getting together, driving & maintaining their British cars, and helping each other and the Cape Cod Community.