Tech Support

These Companies Provide Technical Service/Support for Classic British Cars

Brown’s British Motorworks (CCBCC Sponsor), 114 Long Pond Drive , Plymouth, MA. 781-635-4792


British Superior (Joe Curto):  SU Carburetor Repair/Rebuild, 22-09 126th Street, College Point, NY.

Marshall Mechanics, 42 Bay Ridge Lane, Orleans MA 02653, 508-240-5709: can do wheel alignment on LBC’s

Decar Classics (Steve Decasteline), 92 Rayber Road #2, Orleans, MA

Quick Jack: raise your car safely with one button.

Member’s report: Quick Jack is great alternative to a post-lift.  Affordable, mobile, and very safe.  A Quick Jack lifting system was used at a recent CCBCC tech session and was quickly appreciated.  Quick Jack is a hydraulic lifting mechanism with mechanical safety locks.  Several sizes and price points are available.  Visit their website at  Quick Jack,

Leather Repair Company for Steering Wheels

Member’s report:  The leather on my TR8’s steering wheel was badly faded. I got a kit from the U.S. branch of the Leather Repair Company based in the UK.  Simple to use. Results were good.  Colors included in the kit are weak black, strong black, blue, red and white.  Links to LRC and instructional video follow:

Detailing Instructions by Art Cox:

These instructions are used in a Detailing Tech Session held by Art Cox.    Detailing Instructions & Hints