Tech Support

These Companies Provide Technical Service/Support for Classic British Cars

Brown’s British Motorworks, 114 Long Pond Drive , Plymouth, MA. 781-635-4792


British Superior (Joe Curto):  SU Carburetor Repair/Rebuild, 22-09 126th Street, College Point, NY.

Marshall Mechanics, 42 Bay Ridge Lane, Orleans MA 02653, 508-240-5709: can do wheel alignment on LBC’s

Decar Classics (Steve Decasteline), 92 Rayber Road #2, Orleans, MA

Quick Jack: raise your car safely with one button.

A few members use this tool and speak highly about it.  A Quick Jack lifting system was used at a recent CCBCC tech session that raised interest and questions.  Quick Jack is a hydraulic lifting mechanism with mechanical safety locks.  Several sizes and price points are available.  Use this link, Quick Jack, to visit their website and get more information.