British Marque Car Club News


When you join the CCBCC, you are automatically subscribed to the BRITISH MARQUE – a British car club monthly newspaper.  It is full of interesting stories and events from British car clubs across the USA.  As a subscriber, you are entitled to place one classified ad (up to 20 words) for no charge in each issue.

Each month, CCBCC submits news from the club under the banner “Cape Cod Currents”.

If you’re going on a trip, the British Marque is also a source of clubs, car shows, and contacts at wherever you are going or passing through.

You can also sign up for their On-line Edition, which is free to all print subscribers.  You just need to go to the website ( and click on the On-line Edition box on the left to request access.  

If you decide that you do not want to receive the printed newspaper and want only the On-Line Access, please let us know.  That is a cheaper subscription, and you will lower our costs and be contributing more to the CCBCC.